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100% Pure Acai

100% Pure Acai Thumbnail Avaliable through Evolution Slimming, 100% Pure Acai wins our top award of 5/5 stars. Offering only the purest freeze dried acai berry at an amazingly affordable rate, 100% Pure Acai is our recommended acai berry supplement purchase. Learn more...


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100% Pure Acai Berry

100% Pure Acai

You can't buy Acai Berry in the UK!!!

Have you ever wondered why you've never seen fresh Acai berries in your local ASDA, Tesco or Sainsbury's??? It's because you simply cannot buy fresh Acai berries in the UK as they degrade and lose their nutritional value within hours of being picked.

Unless you live in Brazil where fresh Acai berries are grown, the only alternative is to buy an Acai berry supplement. By freeze drying Acai berries before they lose their nutritional value, all their goodness and benefits can be captured in a convientiant and easy to swallow capsule which can be shipped to the furthest corners of the globe!

Our website provides a selection of Acai berry reviews allowing you to find and choose the best Acai berry product in the UK market. Whether you're looking for acai pills, acai patches or acai powders, we've got a roundup of all the best acai products that are avaliable to you, the UK consumer.

We've also produced some indepth articles to help you learn more about Acai berries and how they can help you lose weight and detox your body!!!


All the products we featured on Buy Acai Berry are specifically chosen and reviewed because when purchasing you only pay for what you want - no hidden costs, dodgy ingredients or misleading offers.

We DO NOT review or endorse any free trail or scam products - these poor quality products are those that usually offer the product for free but charge the customer for so called 'shipping and handling'.

NEVER purchase a product that 'claims' to be a free trial unless you fully read and understand the terms and conditions. Many of these free trails will result in you being rebilled at up to £100 a month, the quality of ingredients are usually very poor and cancellation of the monthly fees can only be achieved by cancelling your payment card.

100% Pure Acai by Evolution Slimming

100% Pure Acai

Review by Chris Sabian - Price: From £29.95

With an overall score of 5/5 stars, 100% Pure Acai by is an excellent Acai berry supplement as it contains more Acai per pill than any other acai product we've seen!

Containing only the purest freeze dried brazilian acai berry, no fillers and a 700mg potency per capsule this acai supplement is the perfect solution for weight loss, detox and improved well being.

In January 2010 one of the editors of the Sunday Express decided to try Evolution Slimmings 100% Pure Acai. The editors positive experience and testing of the product with the bid to lose weight went on to feature very prominently in the Sunday Express following her glowing review and positive feedback.

100% Pure Acai

Victoria Gray from the Sunday Express went on to lose 7lbs in a 3 month period whilst also experiencing improved skin glow whilst hair became noticeably shiner (an obvious result of the detox properties of this superb superfruit).

Evolution Slimming offer free shipping to UK mainland by 2nd Class Royal Mail as well as a paid delivery option by Royal Mail 1st Class for UK, European and Worldwide orders. Various types of customer support are avaliable including email, telephone or their live chat customer support.

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    5 Stars

Priced at £29.95 and including free UK postage and packaging, you recieve a 60 capsule bottle which equates to a 30 day supply. Two, three and four month supplies can also be purchased at a discounted rate - the recommended 4 month supply costs £85.95 and includes a free pack of antioxident acai patches (worth £19.95).

In summary, 100% Pure Acai is an excellent product. It offers slightly less potency per serving than some other acai supplements but makes up for this with a slightly lower price point (especially when purchasing the more popular 4 month supply) and equal purity.

100% Acai Pure is very good value for money and offers amazing results as reflected in the review done by the Daily Express who gave it the Top Rated Acai Berry supplement in the UK award. A well deserved 5 stars!

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