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100% Pure Acai Berry

100% Pure Acai

Easy Ways To Spot An Acai Scam

Unfortunately, there is always someone dodgy out there trying to make a quick buck.

When the Acai berry started receiving a whole host of publicity for it's amazing ability to help lose weight, a ton of Acai berry products appeared on the market. Some of these were genuine and some were fake. But, fortunately for us. It's easy to spot an Acai berry scam. By following this simple set of guidelines you won't fall prey to the Acai berry scam.

The benefits associated with the Acai berry are only present when the fruit is in its natural form. As soon as the fruit is picked it quickly starts to lose its goodness. These benefits can only be preserved if the fruit has been freeze dried. If a product has been manufactured without using the freeze drying technique, its most likely an Acai berry scam.

Unfortunately, there are a number of Acai berry products out there that claim to have all the original benefits of the natural Acai berry fruit. But, in actual fact, they do nothing – except maybe taste good. If a product had been processed into a tablet or powder based form, then it'll probably have no real positive health effects unless its ingredients have been freeze dried as apposed to being an extract derived product (as we've unfortunately seen when assessing Holland and Barretts own brand acai pill).

Try to remember these easy ways to spot an Acai berry scam:

  • Always buy pure Acai berry products
  • Try to find out if the berries were freeze dried = good
  • Look out for other manufacturing processes = bad
  • Avoid products with additional ingredients
  • Avoid products that only include the Acai berry fruit as a minor ingredient
  • Avoid products with any side effects

All the products we've reviewed on this website are neither scam or free trial products so you can rest assured that when buying one of these acai products there is absolutely no chance you'll get scammed - there are no free trials or rebills here!

Our favourite and highest rated acai product due to its quality and price is that of Evolution Slimming's 100% Pure Acai (rated below). For our full review of this top rated acai supplement, click here.

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