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Acai Berry Benefits

The acai berry is most famous for its ability to aid healthy weight loss. Learn everything you need to know about acai berry benefits. Read more...

Acai Berry Diets

Using the acai berry alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise plan is a great way to lose weight. Learn how the acai cerry diet can help you lose weight. Read more...

Acai Berry Side Effects

More and more people are turning to this small superfood for its ability to promote weight loss but what are the side effects of taking acai berry products? Read more...

Acai Berry Scam

Unfortunately, there is always someone dodgy out there trying to make a quick buck. Learn about the Acai Berry scams and don't get caught out! Read more...

Amazon Acai Berries

This tiny superfood shot to fame mainly for is uncanny ability to aid weigh loss, but also for the long list of health benefits the fruit has to offer. Read more...

100% Pure Acai Berry

100% Pure Acai

The Acai Berry Vs. Fat Blocking Slimming Pills

Fat blocking slimming pills, like the popular brand Alli, are all the rage at the moment in the dieting world. These work by blocking some of the fat your body adsorbs from your food, which then helps you lose weight. Sound great so far, but the main ingredients of this new slimming aid have been linked to liver disease. So before you rush out to get some, read on to find out more about this dangerous weight loss pill...

The dangers of fat blocking slimming pills

They may sound great in the adverts, but slimming pills can be extremely dangerous. They always promise amazing amounts of weight loss, but they conveniently fail to mention all of the dangerous side effects. Not only could these fat blockers give your liver disease, but they also come with a long long list of really embarrassing side effects. You can expect to have chronic diarrhoea, terrible wind, and you may not be able to control your bowel movements. Is all that really worth, 1 – 2 pounds of weight loss a week? No way!

Acai Berry Slimming Pills

Okay, so these types of pills may help you lose a lot of weight quickly at first, but you can only take them for a maximum of 6 months, after which you're bound to put the weight back on.

Slimming pills offer no long term weight loss plan, and many users complain that they've gained even more weight than when they started.

Slimming pills may be a quick fix, but they're certainly not the long term answer to your weight problems. The best way to lose weight is to eat healthily and exercise regularly. But, if you need a little help along the way, the 100% natural acai berries could help get you started and boost your weight loss.

Chose a natural weightless alternative like the acai berry

With a natural weight loss aid like the acai berry, you don't have to worry about side effects or any links to dangerous diseases. Using the acai is no more dangerous than eating an apple. Unlike all of the slimming pills out there, the acai is actually great for your health. Acai can do wonders for your body, and because the acai berry is full of antioxidants, your body will get a free detox too. The acai berry works by naturally suppressing your hunger, and by speeding up your metabolic rate. Both of which will seriously boost your weight loss efforts. The detoxing effect is also great for weight loss, and you can expect to shed many pounds in just the first week. The acai berry will help to flush out any waste in your system, and get rid of all of the harmful chemicals.

You'll find a wide variety of pure acai berry supplements and products online to choose from, that all work wonders on your health, and promote healthy weight loss. Acai pills are often far more effective than the leading slimming brands, and you won't have to worry about harming your health when you use acai.

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