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100% Pure Acai

100% Pure Acai Thumbnail Avaliable through Evolution Slimming, 100% Pure Acai wins our top award of 5/5 stars. Offering only the purest freeze dried acai berry at an amazingly affordable rate, 100% Pure Acai is our recommended acai berry supplement purchase. Learn more...


Acai Berry Benefits

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100% Pure Acai Berry

100% Pure Acai

Acai Berry Powders

For those that make their own smoothie drinks, a good way of getting the antioxidant value of acai berry into your diet is to add acai berry powder to drinks and smoothies.

Acai berry powders are very concentrated and hence provide a huge amount of nutritional value. all you do is simply add a couple of scoops of powder to your favourite smoothie, squash or orange juice - it's quick, easy and makes your drinks taste even better.

100% Pure Acai Powder

Acai berry powder is fantastic for those who want to get their antioxidant acai fix from smoothies and cereals and 100% Pure Acai Powder from Evolution Slimming is the perfect choice.

Offering a 100g tub of Pure Acai Berry Powder for 29.95, this fair trade certified acai powder can be added to your favourite sweet foods including ice-cream, drinks and smoothies. Simply add 2-5 teaspoons to provide that additional nutritional and weight loss value.

Evolution Slimming Pure Acai Berry Powder
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As well as containing various vitamins and minerals, Acai Berry Powder helps to lower harmful cholesterol thanks to the inclusion of naturally occurring Omega 9, whilst inclusion of Omega 6 means beneficial cholesterol is given an energy boost.

If diet pills are not your thing and you want to receive a daily dose of high strength antioxidants, 100% Pure Acai Powder from Evolution Slimming is the tasty and alternative product for those who want to avoid the pills and patches.

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